About Us

Sam Arslan, our founder and CEO, is an Odoo ERP specialist with a decade of experience using Odoo to help startups grow into multimillion-dollar businesses. His dedication and expertise enabled him to achieve Odoo Gold partner status in a record five months, resulting in speaking engagements at Odoo HQ and recognition as the top partner in the MENA region. Driven by his passion for empowering businesses, Sam relocated to California to bring his knowledge and expertise to the US market.

Co-Founder and Sales Manager Tarik Arslan brings a decade of tech industry experience, honed at companies like Google, Facebook, Oracle, and Asana, to empower non-enterprise businesses. He's overseen large-scale projects firsthand and is passionate about helping you achieve the same scalability and productivity that fueled his success as a program manager.

Driven by a decade of post-university experience, Talal Arslan, our Co-Founder and Marketing Director, transformed a California boutique tailor-shop into a million-dollar success story using Odoo. He leveraged the power of the POS, accounting, and inventory management modules to achieve remarkable scalability and growth.