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Lets collaborate to set up, train, and support a tailor made Odoo ERP project special to your business. 

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Odoo Features 

Pay less for more features. 

User friendly 

Odoo is created with the goal of being easy to use for everyone not just managment.


Create sales funnels and visualize next actions through data insights

Any device. Any time. 

Odoo is available across all platforms and devices making it ideal to manage your business anywhere and everywhere

Budget Friendly

Odoo offers free module to begin. Then 7$/month per user. It is easily the most cost effective ERP on the market. 


Due to Odoo's extensive environment of different modules Odoo can scale with your business as more process need automation

Open source

Odoo can be infinitely customizable to match any business structure due to its open source code.



Smetools Implementation project was exactly what we needed to grow with data insights. Their training of our staff was impeccable and smoothed the transition 

​​-- Khaled Attallah CEO 

Lemon Spaces

Managing our company's Tech Infrastructure has never been Optimized to this level. All it took was an outside look from Smetools. 

​-- Ali Gadallah CEO 

Sky Mart

Smetools helped us save our failing Odoo Project by auditing the agency we contracted with and guiding them in the right direction while supporting us. 

-- Adham Ezz CEO 

Proud Partners

We are proud to be partners with the fastest growing ERP software in the world... Odoo.

If you need more information contact us via email at info@smetools.io or schedule a call with us and an Odoo representative!

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