• Email Support: Provider will provide email support to address Client's queries and concerns related to the Odoo system.
  • Basic Bug Fixes: Provider will rectify any basic bugs encountered by Client in the Odoo system.
  • Quarterly Performance Review: Provider will conduct a quarterly performance review to assess the efficiency and effectiveness of the Odoo system.
  • Monthly Meeting Time: Provider will allocate 2 hours of monthly meeting time to discuss any ongoing issues, improvements, or suggestions related to the Odoo system.
  • Allowed Urgency Levels per Company:
    • 1 Urgent 
    • 3 High Urgency
    • Unlimited Medium Urgency


  • Email Support
  • Basic Bug Fixes
  • Quarterly Performance Review
  • 2 Hours of Monthly Meeting Time
  • Service Level Agreement (SLA):  Initial response within 24 hours Resolution time within 6 business day

Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Disclaimer these SLAs are only for functional tickets, any ticket that will involve development might be extended days or in some cases weeks.